Our Services

Outsourced customer service

We’ll take care of your customers and free you up so that you can keep developing your product or continue to grow your service company. Our team is fluent in English, German, French, Polish and other languages.

Data processing

We'll take routine data processing tasks on our part to keep your employees focused on something more complex and important. And we will do it at super cost effective hourly rates.


We provide professional human translation of over 15 languages and over 30 language pairs. Most popular pairs are English to German and vise versa, French to German or French to English. We specialize in providing business translations in different fields such as medicine, legal, IT (applications and software), marketing and others.

Sales and Business Development

Our team has tonnes of experience in B2B business development in Germany, UK, Austria, Switzeland, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland and other countries. We will help you open new markets and will connect you to small or large distributors of your products or services.

Outsourced technical support

Our engineers will handle all technical support incidents including those related to product setup and installation, integration to 3rd party solutions, server maintenance, database connection, network setup. And our team will be available 24x7.

Software development

We provide A to Z service including creating technical documentation for software applications, design and development, quality assurance.

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Our skills

Out team of experienced multilingual professionals has a full package skills set to perform the services with the highest quality. All our agents have native fluency in supported languages and is very well organized and motivated. ADS customer focused approach and flexibility provide unparalleled value to our customers and our prices allow to save up to 60% of the project costs.
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Our Clients

Our team

Tanya Zolochevskaya

Tanya Zolochevskaya

Project Manager

Tanya is experienced project manager and a customer service specialist fluent in German and English. She is super attentive to details and she gets along with people very well.

Vlad Svidlo

Vlad Svidlo

Head of Project Delivery

Vlad is a trained ninja who knows how to deliver on time, on budget and according to the project requirements. He speaks English pretty well.

Yana Serdiukova

Yana Serdiukova

Project Manager

Yana is great at building and managing teams with various language skills. She speaks German, English and a little Spanish.