How you handle a complaint

How to handle a complaint is a cornerstone of every customer service process. Having complained, the customers expect to get an explanation or a solution to their issues.

There are 2 main things to take into account when managing complaints:

  • an agent has to stick to company policy as much as possible and show the empathy at the same time

  • the response must be as fast as possible to show the importance of the request to avoid customer getting even angrier.

The best thing about how to handle a complaint dilemma is if you manage it properly it doesn’t only gets a customer happy but also increases loyalty.

The correct policy for the agent’s actions, a detailed assessment of the reasons of the complaint, allows to shift from the general dissatisfaction of the user to searching a way for the solution. It is important that the user feels not left alone and there is someone else on his/her side who cares about the problem.

Here are the steps our Ukraine based Customer Service reps follow to handle a customer complaints:

Listen actively and empathetically

When a customer approaches you with a complaint, listen carefully to what they have to say. Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand their perspective.


Express your apologies for any inconvenience caused to the customer. This will help to calm them down and show that you value their feedback.

Understand the problem

Ask questions to clarify the problem and get a better understanding of the situation. This will help you to address the issue effectively.

Offer a solution

Once you understand the problem, offer a solution that is appropriate and achievable. Make sure the solution meets the customer’s needs and expectations.

Take action

Follow up on the solution you offered and take action to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Keep the customer informed throughout the process.

Follow up

After resolving the issue, follow up with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied with the solution and to check if there are any further issues. This will help to build trust and loyalty with the customer.

Learn from the experience

Use the feedback you received from the customer to improve your products or services, and to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Remember, a complaint is an opportunity to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one. If you can handle customer complaints effectively it will help your brand enhance customer satisfaction.

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