Customer Support: Why It Is The Key To Your Long-Term Success

What is a support service?

Support service or a helpdesk is a group of agents who provide assistance when customers have problems with a company’s products or services.


What’s a customer service agents’ job?

The main task of a customer service representative is to solve problems in a timely manner, specifically:


  • provide information support on all issues related to the activities and products of the company;
  • transfer information about problems to a team of specialists performing technical support for a particular service or product.


Nowadays, in the world of fast growing innovations the customer service has gone beyond telephone support and it’s available for users instantly, in just one click: whether it’s a mobile application, email or a social network.


According to Gartner, 89% of companies with 24/7 Q&A will be more successful than others.


Many companies have begun to provide self-service support, so users can find answers to their questions 24/7. However, a good customer support is more than just providing answers, it is an important part of a brand that provides a competitive edge.


Rewards for the best customer service

Focusing on the best quality of service is not only the latest trend, but also a custom-built process for any business. Improving each component of the interaction with the users or prospects will make them coming back to your store or a website and will significantly help increase company profits.

Statistics show that most of the consumers would pay extra for the greater service. For example, if your service price tag is higher compared to competitors you can still win a customer with a better customer service. 

To be successful, think long term. Happy customers will do the marketing for you then. According to expert Pete Blackshaw.

A satisfied customer tells at least three friends, while an angry customer tells 3000!


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